Residential & Commercial Artificial Grass

Residential & Commercial

By allowing us to serve you, you will reap the benefits of an amazing looking artificial turf that is 100% proudly made and manufactured in North America. These benefits include; never needing to mow, water, weed, repair, seed, or fertilize your lawn again. Maintaining an enviable lawn would normally require many hours of your hard work; however by selecting from our extensive range of products you’ll always have that freshly cut look, standing proud and you’ll be able to take your weekends back!

The colour palette of Transcend Turf is natural looking and is recognizable as Canadian green grass that is mixed with a brown thatch; this creates a perfect visual realism. The fibers are 1¾ “ tall, which allows them to withstand heavy traffic, have great structural strength and appear to the eye as the perfect ‘cut’ length. This combined with our diamond blade technology makes for an enviable turf product.

  • Natural Real Prime – 40
  • Natural Real Preferred – 50
  • Natural Real Premium – 60
  • Natural Real Supreme – 80
  • Natural Real Platinum – 110
  • Fairlawn / Greenplay – 60
  • Fairlawn / Greenplay – 70
  • Fairlawn / Greenplay – 80

UV and Colour Additives Treatment of the Fibers


The manufacturing process at Transcend Turf begins with selecting the highest-grade resin pellets, which are turned into artificial fibers after being melted down and extruded. During the extrusion process colour additives and UV inhibitors are combined to create a long lasting fiber. With these compounds being part of this early process they do not fade or leach away over time and offers an unmatched realism. The majority of our competitor’s products do not follow this process, the UV inhibitors and Colur additives are applied after the extrusion process. The colour and additives is normally added on by the way of paint. This method does not have the same lifespan expectation.



Envirofill is a versatile infill that can be used at home, in a commercial application, at a playground or on sports fields and is 100% pet friendly. It’s a stress-free, low maintenance infill that does not require watering or frequent topping up. It’s a perfect application as it’s clean, safe and its anti-microbial properties prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew, and prevents odours and stains, which can easily be washed away with water. The colour combination with your turf gives a lush green appearance, whilst it’s tough core resists compaction over-time.

ProFlow™ Backing


Our competitors backings come with holes in the backing, this allows the water to flow through, until a point in time. This point is generally when the ballast (sand or Envirofill) clogs these holes and creates potential issues. This creates a decrease in the flow and detracts from your investment in turf as you’re now dealing with problems. The holes can also be an entry point for weeds, again a less than desirable and not expected situation. Could you imagine weeding your artificial turf?

ProFlow™ Backing is a non-perforated backing that is made from polyethylene yarn which does not hold moisture the way we know nylon fibers do. This system increases your drainage by approximately 400% and with these moisture resistant fibers your turf will not retain pet odors and feel drier.

Why Transcend Turf?

Whether you’re creating the next Commonwealth Stadium, Hawrelak Park, Muttart Conservatory, Paisley Dog Park, or an aspiring Royal Mayfair Golf Club, you’ll need the guidance and support of Transcend Turf, your one and only artificial turf
provider who will truly RISE ABOVE the rest.

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