Q1- How long can I expect my artificial turf to last?

Answer: At Transcend Turf all of our Landscape Grasses comes with a 15 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, whilst our Putting Greens are limited to 8 years, this combined with a 5 year Workmanship Warranty will give you peace of mind; and our artificial grass is expected to last upwards
of 30 years.

Q2- Will the sun fade artificial turf?

Answer: Our products are made from the highest quality materials at our facilities in North America, These products have the UV inhibitors mixed into the resin at time of manufacture, as opposed to our competitors whose products have a topical UV treatment applied after manufacture. Without this built-in protection, the competitors’ fibres will break down prematurely.

Q3- How much will it cost to have Transcend Turf supply me with artificial turf ?

Answer:The cost varies from between $6.00 and $10.00 per square foot. We also supply to Contractors at contractor rates. The cost of installation is determined at the time of quotation. All taxes are extra.

Q4- What impact does Transcend Turf have on the environment?

Answer: Our synthetic grasses are fully recyclable and once installed are extremely environmentally friendly; as they do not require watering, or the use of harmful chemicals by way of weeding, fertilizing and pesticides.

Q5- Can my dog damage the synthetic grass installed by Transcend Turf?

Answer: We can never guarantee your dogs behaviour, but it is extremely rare that one of four legged friends would damage the turf as our grasses are extremely durable and the QuadriBind backing makes it almost impossible to tear or rip. Additionally where our turf is laid for dog runs, we install additional border stakes, and take whatever other necessary precautions are available.

Q6- What is the installation process that Transcend Turf uses?

Answer:We remove existing sod, and provide a base using a blend of crushed rock; it is smoothed and compacted to a final grade of between 2” – 4” inches deep. The turf is then rolled out onto the base surface and any seams are created if required. The final step is to add the infill, which stabilizes the blades (and assists with standing them straight), and the turf is swept using a power broom. The synthetic putting green installation process is similar, but the base does require more layers, levelling and compaction.

Q7- Is the cost of Transcend Turf comparable to natural sod?

Answer:The breakeven point for synthetic grass vs. natural sod is at about year 5 to 6. This is based on mowing, weeding, fertilizing, sprinkler systems etc.

Q8- Why should I choose Transcend Turf over other artificial turf companies?

Answer: Artificial grass comes from many suppliers and comes in many styles and grades, and as Transcend Turf is backed by ProGreen, who has been supplying turf to North America since 1987, our vast experience and knowledge that comes with our extensive research and development makes our turf second to none. This allows us to stand behind our products with the longest warranties in the industry. We know where our turf comes from.

Q9- Is there lead in the turf supplied and installed by Transcend Turf?

Answer:Our turf goes through stringent testing, and there is no detectable amount of heavy metals, lead included.

Q10- Does the turf supplied by Transcend Turf resemble indoor / outdoor carpet?

Answer: Our artificial grasses truly resemble natural grass. Our turf looks and feels very similar to natural turf due to our super soft and delustered fiber technology.

Q11- Is synthetic grass as cool as natural grass?

Answer: Synthetic turf is not as cool as real grass; however in Alberta in our climate this should not be an issue. ProGreen has had very few complaints regarding the heat, including locations in the southern US states. The deeper green colours tend to absorb sun better than lighter shades. If your turf does ever seem to hot for you, you can cool it down with a light spray of water.

Q12- How will my turf stay in place once it’s installed?

Answer: Your turf is heavily staked at the edges 2’ – 3’ feet apart with 7” non-corrosive spikes, and the middle section is staked every 1’ – 2’ feet in a grid like pattern.

Q13- What happens to the pet waste on my turf?

Answer:Pet urine is not a problem on our grass, as it flows through 400% quicker than our competitors due to our QuadriBind backing, which is fully permeable. Solid waste is removed in the same manner as natural grass, and can be hosed down at any time and all flow through drains into the crushed rock base.

Q14- What’s my maintenance schedule with Transcend Turf?

Answer: A leaf blower will remove leaves, twigs and minor debris, and an occasional power broom will ensure your fibers are standing straight and looking good.

Q14- What’s my maintenance schedule with Transcend Turf?

Answer: A leaf blower will remove leaves, twigs and minor debris, and an occasional power broom will ensure your fibers are standing straight and looking good.

Q15- How can I pay Transcend Turf for the awesome project they’ve just completed for me?

Answer: We offer several payment options, these being; debit cash, cheque, EFT, credit card and we offer competitive financing through of our partners.

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